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Right now, Kyle is taking the handful of last photographs for the book. And as we were talking about it, I realised, with a creeping horror, that the final photo had, inevitably, to be me and Amanda. Amanda has been in many photographs naked, has no nudity taboo that I’ve ever noticed. I’m English. I have a nudity taboo. 
Kyle took several shots of us in Philadelphia last week, in our hotel room. Some of them we had the covers over us, some of us (the scary ones — well, scary for me) we didn’t.  I held Amanda and did my best to go to sleep.
I’ve not seen any of the photos Kyle took of us without bedclothes, yet.  I’m nervous as hell about seeing them, but also certain that we’ll find the one to be the final image, and glad it will only be in a very limited edition book. But the photo that Kyle just sent over showing Amanda and me together, under the covers, with me mostly asleep, is beautiful.

And this is it.